St. Louis Has Best Fan Base in Baseball

St. Louis: a Great Baseball Town

The St. Louis Cardinals are likely to win the NL Central this season, despite the tough competition. The fact that David Frese is now on the Angels roster will have an impact on the Cardinals. Frese addition on the Cardinals was a great decision from the owners. The team still has a great catcher like Yadier Molina that can be known as the cornerstone of the team. Mark Ellis will add a certain amount of consistency to their infield. Ellis will not make as many throwing errors like Rafael Furcal. Furcal was fairly unpredictable and he does have a fairly strong arm. The players’ coordination with each other is great factor to enhance the team’s performance.


The team may need another left handed reliever out of their bullpen, because they don’t currently have many lefties. The team probably cannot depend upon a veteran like Randy Choate who was pitching for the New York Yankees in the 1990’s. The team will continue to get a solid performance from Michael Wacha. Wacha is a solid right hander out of the pen, he happens to throw a fairly mean curveball. If you want to see that great curveball then it makes sense to buy St. Louis Cardinals tickets. Expect to see an exhilarating and jam packed games with the Cardinals. The best tickets out there may be the games when they get the chance to play the Chicago Cubs. People will watch players like Jon Jay and maybe think of great players of the past like John Mabry.

Competitive Games

Lance Lynn can certainly play the role of closer if the team decides to go in that direction. Everyone expects a lot from him. People that want to see some extremely competitive game will want to see them play the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Pirates are projected by most prognosticators to find second in the NL Central. Pedro Alvarez which stars the Pirates, has been the main contributor of the team. Mike Matheny knows that a lot of people want to buy St. Louis Cardinals tickets. The best tickets are something that people can use in order to see a fair amount of competitive games against Brandon Phillips and the Reds as well. Tickets are being sold thru online or in the venue. The Cardinals have come out and played well in the early portion of the season. Everyone expects them to be on the finals.