Red Sox Vs. Yankees

Red Sox Playing the Yankees This Week

Few hours from now, Boston Red Sox will be facing Texas Rangers the second time this week, after yesterday’s clash. The Red Sox’s manager John Farrell can only hope for a result as good as the one he managed to gain in the Monday game where he smashed the southern team with a final score of 5-1. A brilliant show to the 34842 attendance: a figure that remains unsatisfying especially in the light of the recent discount of Red Sox tickets. You can buy discount Red Sox tickets online or at the stadium.

One thing is sure: the red squad will put this result behind their back and give their best in today’s match against the same team. They must win at any price. As they know that it will take them more than a set of great runners to win today. They have to be on their top game level and hope for the best. The Texas team surely does not look like a real threat, but in this time of season, middle level teams want to improve their position among top league squads. In conclusion, I think the Red Sox will win but not with a large margin.

Texas Rangers will not be the only challenge to Red Sox this week; a greater battle awaits the Boston team. They have to face the baseball giant New York Yankees. Some may call it just another championship’s game, but I prefer the game of the season as a more accurate qualifier. The historic rivalry adds the extra action to this game. But what’s important is who is going to win? Which team is better’ If we look at the Yankees recent record it looks very promising: 4 wins in their last five games. And if we consider that the Yankees squad are in better shape and have an almost injury-free team, it’s difficult not to picture them winning most of the four encounters against Red Sox. But nobody knows, since it is not always that easy to predict the result when it comes to games like this.

Whatever the score of this clash might be, it will be a great sport show and really great thing to watch. And the discount of Red Sox tickets could only make it more beautiful by allowing a bigger attendance. If you want to have a good time, then this is definitely for you. Watch your favorite team, support your players and help them win this really important game.