NY Knicks Struggling to Make Playoffs

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We are down to the final games of the regular season as the playoffs begin on April 20. However, the question on every Knicks fan is whether or not their team is going to make the playoffs. It has been a disappointing season for them as they lost some games they were expected to easily win. Fans are attributing the team’s lack of success on the basketball court to be directly associated with some internal dysfunction that threatens to undo the franchise’s long legacy of excellence.

Some players and coaches just can’t get along. Instead of everyone doing their best to coexist as a unit, as fans expect from a professional basketball organization as big as the Knicks, the team is struggling to win at simply working together. If the Knicks want to reach the playoffs and rack up the wins they need to make a monumental turnaround this season, they’ll have to get their act together quickly. Since they are considered to be a big market team, fans will accept nothing but the best from their star players. With that said, Carmelo Anthony is expected to opt out of his contract and become a free agent this offseason and nobody knows where he is going.

The Knicks are trying to chase the Hawks for the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. Since the Hawks have been losing a lot due to the absence of their big man Al Horford, it now becomes an easier task to do. It is too bad they lost to the Heat in their last game despite a barrage of 3 point shots made by JR Smith who finished the night with 32 points. They are looking to take that momentum going into the next game where each game becomes a must win situation in order to keep their playoff hopes alive. Unfortunately, if they do win their playoff spot, their likely first round opponent will be the defending champions Miami Heat which is going to be a tough task. They must put their differences aside and treat this as a must win situation.