Musical to My Ears

The Phantom of the Opera: One of the Best Musicals of All Time

The Phantom of the Opera was originally a novel by a French author called Gaston Leroux. The story about young Christine whose singing talent attracted the attention of a strange and disfigured man who hides in the cellars beneath the Paris Opera was definitely an instant hit. Since its first appearance in 1910, the novel has been a great success and it was filmed several times to this day. However, the most famous interpretation of Leroux`s work is probably Andrew Lloyd Webber`s musical. Ever since its first performance in London`s West End in 1986 and two years later on Broadway, this musical was hit wherever and whenever it was playing. It won several awards such as Olivier Award and Tony Award. It is the longest running show in the Broadway history. If you consider worldwide performances, The Phantom of the Opera is financially the most successful entertainment event to date.

So, why is The Phantom of the Opera so successful? As usual, success can thank the perfect combination of elements which are all derived perfectly. First of all, there is a tempting and very interesting story. Charles Hart and Richard Stilgoe did great job writing lyrics, and Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote excellent wonderful music. All that combined with great singers and actors such as original Broadway cast including Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman makes this piece exceptional experience that impresses viewers around the world for nearly thirty years. The most popular songs from musicals today are listened as independent pieces. The Phantom of the Opera musical becomes part of cultural heritage and must see pic.

If you have not looked at this piece, do not hesitate. The Phantom of the Opera truly has a lot to offer it its viewers. It is still not too late. Buy Phantom of the Opera tickets and start enjoying in the extraordinary experience of music and stage performance that will sweep you off your feet. You won`t be sorry. As a matter of fact, you may wish to look it few more times because there is no a single person who saw this master piece and said that this was not an amazing thing. There are no words which could describe it, you simply must see it with your own eyes and hear it with your own ears in order to feel the true magic of The Phantom of the Opera. You are going to love it.