James Harden is a Beast

Houston Rockets: Underrated For the Playoffs

There is no bigger reason to buy NBA tickets on sale then the chance to experience the NBA playoffs with family and friends. Since the playoffs are fast approaching and a lot of people are looking forward to attending the most pivotal set of games in the season, it may be somewhat difficult to find NBA tickets on sale. However, there is no better time than now to start accessing ticket vendors in your area or online.

One team everybody is overlooking this season is none other than the Houston Rockets. With all around rising star James Harden and the best big man in the game Dwight Howard, the Rockets are not a team to underestimate. If those two are having a good game then it is going to be hard to stop this team from grabbing a win. They also have a mighty supporting cast which includes Chandler Parsons and Jeremy Lin. Moreover, Coach Kevin McHale is has proven himself to be a good big man coach and presence at the helm of the team was reportedly the main reason Dwight Howard chose to sign with the Rockets. From the looks of it, they are on their way to be either a 3rd or 4th seed team which would give then home court advantage in the first round of the playoffs. This would definitely be a big advantage every sports analyst should take into consideration.

The Houston Rockets are looking forward to either playing against the Mavericks or the Blazers in first round of the playoffs when the time comes. Both look to be a tough opponents but neither team has a dominant center who can challenge Rockets’ center even though Howard has missed some games as the result of an ankle injury. If they face the Mavericks then they face a veteran core led by Dirk Nowitzki. If they face the Blazers they’ll be facing a short rotation of good players led by LaMarcus Aldridge. Ever since Aldrige has returned, the Blazers have gone back to their winning ways. They have noticeably took a step back after starting the season strong but are currently looking to regain that strength as the postseason is fast approaching. When opponents try and double team Dwight, he is going to pass to some wide open shooters on the outside and they are going to take high percentage shots. So keep your eye on the Houston Rockets. They are gearing up to surprise even their most loyal fans.